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  1. hey tux this Is cobrajet1027 I don't know if you remember me from your server a while back but I tried joining your server again but I didn't get the code that was supposed to have been sent but anyway i quite playing on the server cause i just recently moved and money was tight but now its not i would really like to join back and play with you guys and also cause i donated money to the server lol

  2. Thanks marrrc your the only one thats helped, eveyone else is freaking out cause i posted this in the wrong section. My bad guys chill out its not the end of the fourm.
  3. thanks sorry about that im new to the fourm to
  4. im looking to join a tekkit server im new to tekkit but not minecraft ive been playing for a long time and finally decided to try tekkit so maybe someone could let me join there server and kinda show me around the tekkit world
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