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  1. I unbanned you, Please note that it was your final warning. If we have any further trouble, it will be permanent.
  2. hey tux this Is cobrajet1027 I don't know if you remember me from your server a while back but I tried joining your server again but I didn't get the code that was supposed to have been sent but anyway i quite playing on the server cause i just recently moved and money was tight but now its not i would really like to join back and play with you guys and also cause i donated money to the server lol

  3. We had 3 Early Supporters this week! Amazing! Only 2 slots left for the exclusive custom Early Supporter Pack. www.tekktastic.enjin.com for more info. And check us out at lite.tekktastic.com
  4. Tons and tons of griefprevention patches. We have nearly everything 'right-click' protected at this point! Woot!
  5. New tutorial videos posted. www.youtube.com/tuxoa www.tekktastic.enjin.com
  6. We just moved to a brand new dedicated server, unbanned dimensional anchors, and launched a beta FTB Unleashed and Hexxit, available to the public soon!
  7. Pondering over our next server. Alot of players seem to want hexxit, but I am so excited about trying out FTB Ultimate. Any ideas?
  8. We're building up steam and hiring new mods over at Tekktastic. If you're over 18 head over to www.tekktastic.enjin.com, join, and click mod application. Under 18? We have a junior mod position that you can get to prove yourself.
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