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    To make Munaus's World a living hell!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Ok, I have one of my members crash the server when he joins, this is after he went to explore to get items. He started lagging then the server crashed. Now I deleted his data history and he was able to join, So I found the coordinates in the crash report, we both went close to the area and started flying around, he got ahead on me then I noticed that when I went through the different biomes shaders I would lag real bad. Then he told me he started lagging and then the server crashed, Now he can not join the server or it will crash the server every time, until I delete his data file. I asked him where he was and I told him about the shaders difference and he said he was going from the silk biomes to the snow when he crashed, Both times. I hope this can help to find out why my server crashes. Looks like going through different biomes affect different players.. Cleanjoe2 From The Attack of The B-Team Minecraft
  2. I have Attack of the B-Team server running. Had to take most of the plugins out. runs good, and had the I.P. changed to a dedicated, now it's no port. I also whitelisted it. Just send me your In Game Name and age and country. Age does not matter. This is a friendly server, I would just like to know with whom I'm chatting with. send everything to this e-mail [email protected] If you can't connect If you have any problems this is the e-mail to send it too. Rules: 1st : No Bad Language !! I wouldn't want my Children playing on a Server full of Cursing and Bad content... 2nd : No Griefing other players builds !!!! (Unless Agreed by Player) There is PVP ( only if others agree !!! ) I leave it up to my Admins, Cole0512 and orrinjelo for the rules of PVP and Griefing. 3rd : This rule very important !!!!!!!!! ( NO GRIEFING Cleanjoe2's Builds, Place, Home's ANYTHING !! ) I Don't Like Griefing, PVP, Raiding others home. Nothing like that !!! BUT ! This is a fun server for everybody, so I don't push my dislike's on everybody. You must put in your profile with your In Game Name if you agree or disagree with PVP and Griefing. The Admins will put your Name on the Rules board at spawn. 4th : And Final Rule !! You Must Have Fun. These are the Basic rules, there are more rules in the server at the spawn area on the rules and Info board. We do take request's, but don't think it will happen right away. And don't get your feelings hurt if we don't use your request's.
  3. I.P. Changed on Bteam server dedicated no port

  4. Guys Please look at I.P I got a dedicated I.P no port... Attack of the b-team Cleanjoe2 Server come back on !!!!!! Build 1.0.11a and it's whitelisted e-mail me your name [email protected]
  5. I have two servers ready, Needing Admin, Moderators, Players 1st. Server I.P no port Dedicated I.P. This Server Is Not Whitelisted yet. Building it up first. NO PVP Attack Of The B-Team 1.6.4 Build 1.0.10b 50 Slots Available Plugins: CraftBook Essentials, Chat, Protect, Spawn Factions Lockette Scavenger Stargate Vault WorldEdit WorldGuard And we can add more if requested 2nd. Server I.P. (Whitelisted) . I have players on this server. No PVP Tekkit Lite: 1.4.7 With Twilight Forest: You will need to Download Twilightfoest-1151.zip and Pam's HarvestCraftBase1.1(MC 1.4.6).zip Send a e-mail to [email protected] to get put on the Whitelist for this server. I need your player name and age and what Country. Plugins: CraftBook Essentials, Chat, GroupBridge, GroupManager, and Spawn Factions Lockette LWC Scavenger Stargate WorldEdit WorldGuard And we can add more if requested Team Speak is available, Info for team speak will be sent after you join the Minecraft servers and how mature you are, and your parents permission. Have Fun All The Time !! Main Rule For The Servers !!
  6. IGN: Cleanjoe2 Age: 47 Country: United States Tekkit Experience: I have been playing Tekkit Classic for about 6 months, Started the Tekkit Lite 6.5 on a box at my house and loved it !! Do you have a Mic: Yes/No (Yes) Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes/No (Yes) Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: Want to play with people that take the game serious and not jump around hitting you and messing with your stuff.. I love building and doing projects.. Not PVP Crap...
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