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  1. Hey HGW i am not on that much in this period, i am looking for Work, and it is hollyday here. i am only online short time sometimes.
  2. Hey Gen. There is several Hunted on steam also from the US. Can you give some more information?
  3. it is like the server cant communicate with more than 2, max 3 players at one time..
  4. so the server support 2-3 players now.. i am wondering what is going on..
  5. I think it started around 16:00 my time that is 15:00 GMT. It is 19:29 it my place now.
  6. Try using direct connect, it may or may not help...
  7. i have PM Generic in here i have no other options :-/ btw the server has just restarted..
  8. Hunan7 gets stevendimdoors mod_pocketdim.connectionhandler connectionclosed(connectionhandler java:50)
  9. It dont make any sense. Our players are the most important. Mod apply is for Generic HGW10.
  10. Everybody beside terratheone me and kallimar is getting end of stream, and we dont know why..
  11. Hey Robert, no several players are having the same problem, right now only terratheone me and kallimar is online, we dont know why that is. We are tying to figure it out.
  12. Nice, the new post is up and running. I hope for a nice play in the new world with you guys :-)
  13. Hey Generic I like tekkit lite. I think the lack of RP2 and IC2 is a big loss, because they are some of my favorite mods. If we stay in tekkit lite, the server as i understand it, will still be updated to 1.5 when tekkit lite i ready for it, and a new world will be generated, but maybe with the possibility to move stuff from the old world to the new world. I vote tekkit lite, with the possibility to move stuff from the old world to a new world.