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  1. Makla: You need to select Big Dig version 1.2.2, when it asks if you wanna update say yes. The 1.4.7 is referring to the version of Minecraft running the whole show, the 1.2.2 is the Big Dig pack version.
  2. IGN: DiscordianAgent AGE: 28 LOCATION: California, USA ARE YOU BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS AND WHY?: Nope, opposite actually, I'm admin on one and mod on another, didn't ask for either position :-) WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: Not having banned items and a whitelist sounds like a lot of fun actually, I am tired of dealing with kids and their drama, I dislike not being able to use some useful tools just because someone might cheat or be a jerk with them. TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE: I have "beaten" tekkit lite 0.5.7 on lan and 0.6.1 online, in the sense that I got so rich I ended up running an in-game shop with trade-o-mats for a while before that server melted down, basically got to a point of near-infinite resources WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MINECRAFT?: Automate things. I also love doing plant crossbreeding and have really wanted to get further into beekeeping.
  3. Server is back up with a new IP, So grab your friends and get onboard! We went from having 20 slots filled to being a ghost town lately, I imagine some players are having trouble downgrading versions but it'd be reassuring if we saw some regulars back again!
  4. We put all this time in to learning how to make HV solars and pnumatic tube relays, only to find out that the mod authors can't be bothered to update to the new MC. Rather than roll with the punches we're gonna continue to enjoy a version that was working just fine, thank you very much! Come join us and live in the past for a while longer until things even out! We will be sticking with ver 1.2.2 until the wheels fall off! Dragonis Tech is a NO GRIEFING, NO PvP server aimed at cultivating a fun environment for building and crafting interesting things. Want to breed bees, condense some biofuel and put together a big molecular assembler? So do we! Join our ranks and meet some new friends to collaborate with! This server features the Factions plugin for easy land protection and Lockette for securing chests and machines, with these plugins you can make a nice fancy SAFE place for all your trees and bees! We also have the MC-MMO plugin to add some extra fun, as if minecraft needed another layer of addiction, you can now level up in various stats like mining or acrobatics and get cool passive abilities the more you play! Server IP: Please note this is NOT the same IP we had before! HOW TO GET ON VER 1.2.2: 1) Open technic launcher 2) Click the gear icon in the lower left of the big dig pack's icon 3) Hit the button for "manually select build" and choose 1.2.2 from dropdown 4) Launch, and when it asked if you'd like to update, hit YES, this will update you to the selected version 5) Log-on as normal! Removed Mods: Dimensional Doors (lag issues) Mystcraft (also lag issues) Banned items: -Canvas Bag (exploitable) -Project Table (exploitable) -Mining Laser (can't play nice with protections) -TNT / Sticky TNT / Nukes (same) -Other exploitable items may be removed as discovered, we reserve the right to change this list! Nuclear Reactors have had explosion radius set to 0, but can still kill you through radiation poisoning! Eximite has been enabled in the Metalurgy config, allowing 2 sets of armor and tools that are not enabled by default in 1.2.2 distro! Major Plugins: Factions Lockette MCMMO and the usual sethomes, coreprotect, etc. Server is up 24/7 and resets hourly for stability, resets generally take less than 1 min. No Whitelist / Greylist, log on in and have fun! Griefing / Exploiting is taken seriously, our admins have the tools to figure out who did what, so Play Nice!
  5. The owner, Dylan, and I are part of the Ameristralia alliance, but as such I'm on US time and he's on Aussy time, so we don't always get a chance to chat it up. Now that his host has adjusted some things we should have a final answer on what's going on in the next day or two. I'm feeling like an old man, I put too much time into learning everything in tekkit lite / big dig to want to go off and learn all this new stuff, to me the new 1.3.9 should almost have been it's own new pack, it's such a change from before. Also, needs to calm down it's versions a bit. As such, I'm all for sticking with 1.2.2 for a while... but in the long run that might not be sustainable also, it will be harder to find an audience for older BD when tekkit lite is gonna be forever stable with a very similar (but not quite as fun imo!) pack...
  6. The downtime was caused by us attempting to update to 1.3.something, which didn't work out so well as far as plugins and whatnot. After playing with the new 1.3 we are debating going back to 1.2.2 or possibly Tekkit Lite, server owners call really, and to top it off hosting company is changing some things which will result in a new static IP being assigned sometime soon, so hang on a bit for that. You tell us, former players, which ver do you wanna see?
  7. Before I get chalked up as a noob, yes, I know there is a gear icon, yes I know to select build, yes I am selecting 1.2.2. The problem is that it acts like it's starting up, asks me if I'd like to update, I say "no", and it then says "extracting...0%" and does not progress forward from there, even when given a good 10 mins or so. I recall with tekkit lite there was some way to just download any client build and unzip it yourself, can someone point me in the right direction for this? We reset our server and got all excited about a new Big Dig, but the version updates are driving us crazy, we'd like to go back to 1.2.2 and live in the past for a while until things stabilize. But this time, we're banning RP2... once I discovered the project tables were bugged it was the last straw on that one... Other than that, why go back to tekkit lite when you can have like hyper tekkit lite in ver 1.2.2?
  8. This server is no longer being run by Dylanstar. Thanks for the fun times guys, see you around on some other servers! -DiscordianAgent
  9. I was thinking about this the other day and I realized it actually IS a lot like amperage vs voltage, in that IRL, Watts = Volts x Amps, and in IC2, it's that Power = Packet Size x Number of Packets. I hadn't realized this until I started shocking myself on a copper cable that hadn't shocked me previously, because I switched up to nuclear and added a MV transformer coming off, so it was 4 packets coming down instead of the 1 I'd had before.
  10. That analogy works, I saw another one on the ic2 forums comparing it to magic power gnomes but yeah, same idea. Actually if we're getting deep on this I will admit I am confused on one point myself: how is power absorbed by receiving devices? Like, I have seen times where having 3 massively overclocked devices on a line fed by a single MFSU has resulted in some devices failing to get enough power when all three are running, but then putting another MFSU onto the line left them working fine. Is the power wanted just subtracted from the packet in the line? In that case, there are 2 packets going, does one get depleted and then the other? I just go caveman on it, if I overclock them and they still don't have enough power, then it's time for MOAH POWAH, forget all the thinking about it.... once the game has gotten to that point resources are usually not the challenge so why not have the AE assembler spit out another HV solar :-)
  11. Yes, the MFE will get 10 packets of MV power per tic. The only limit is on size of energy in one packet, not on number of packets that can come down a line from generating sources. To go a bit further on this idea tho consider how useful that setup actually is - 10 MV packets are going in to the mfe and one is going out each tic, so it's storing 9/tic. This should fill the mfe rather quickly, at which point, every packet that can't find a home is just wasted. The general reason you'd want that mfe in the first place would be to save the solar power for night time, in which case you'd want a much bigger pool to fill, like several mfe's hooked up in series, or, possibly one mfsu hooked straight to a MV transformer. I often see people in online games making bad designs with batboxes, like too much power going in (once saw a watermill setup that made 50eu/t continuously into a batbox that could only output 32) or too much going out (1 HV solar going into 1 mfsu going into a massfab, had no point, the mfsu never built up any excess power to run at night because it was outputting the same amount as it was inputting). You can always snake a cable around the mfe and into the line it is outputting to, then when the battery is full the packets just take a path around it and keep flowing into things down the line, this avoids the 'choke' issue.
  12. You can one-up that smiley by having a macerator grind the blaze rods, piping the the dust to an auto-crafting table (reg or mk2) which uses a minim stone to combine them back into blaze rods, and then goes through a diamond pipe on the way back to the macerator again, with the diamond pipe set to send most to the macer but having a few go out to the generators. Toss in some hoppers to control the overflow, and after a while you'll have tons of blaze rods. Macerator makes 5 dust from 1 rod, minim stone makes 1 rod from 2 dust, so you are making 2.5x blaze rods per run. Only resource being consumed is the minim stone, so you'd have to go kill mobs from time to time, but this can be strong. Easiest option is lava from the nether going into geothermal or magmatic engines. If you have some quarrys going and the Applied Energetics crafting system, it's not too hard to just teach it how to make an HV solar, although, they still cost a ton. A very under-appreciated power source is wind power for EU, if you make a cable (could be a tin cable even!) going from H100 to H140 and put 40 wingens on each face of the cable, for a total of 160 (you can put 1 on top and 4 around the mfsu or whatever at bottom also), it will output over 512 EU on average _all the time_, it's _stronger_ when solar isn't working during rain, and is only slightly over half the number of units required to make an HV solar (160 windgen vs 512 panels). The windgen requires no copper, glass, or coal dust, so it's total construction costs are very reasonable when you consider the energy of cooking / macerating those things as well. But you do have this giant power cable sticking up off your base, and it's kinda noisy if you stand next to it. But if you live on a volcano or in extreme hills anyway it's very affordable continuous HV power.
  13. Hmm, so we should adjust the config file for the dungenpack and turn those off then? Don't want one of these overwriting someone's house!
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