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  1. Minecraft username: zaenyea Age: 50 Location( only so i know what the time zone is): PA, USA Why do you wish to join this server? Looking for a good server with friendly people to play minecraft with Do you have any prior knowledge in modded minecraft? yes lots What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? Mainly just to have some fun and enjoy my time there. Will you be on teamspeak Most definitely
  2. Id like to apply to your server and try it out My IGN is Zaenyea. Im 51 yrs old and from the USA.
  3. We are a small server closed to the public (invite only). Currently we have around 4 or 5 playing a day. At this time, we would like to invite around 3 new people to join us. Our requirements are that you be 20+ yrs old (players on the server are all older then 25) and mature. The server is pretty laid back. There is a teamspeak which you will also be required to join on. Drama of any kind wont be tolerated. The server is running numerous mods including Chocolate quest which is the main focus. If you think this is the kind of server you would like to join, please send me a pm and we can talk further.
  4. IGN: Zaenyea Age 50 Not sure what to tell you about myself other then I enjoy playing minecraft. I like trying out different servers and meeting new people..Id love to try your server out. Thanks. Im from the USA.
  5. IGN: Zaenyea About me: I love playing modded minecraft. I have run my own server in the past but taking a break from that for now so I can simply sit back and have some fun!!! Age: I turned 50 today
  6. IGN: Zaenyea AGE: 49 LOCATION: PA USA One of the rules is "No harassment, racism or anything similar or might fall into these catagories I have not been banned from any server. I enjoy playing on servers with good mods and good people. There isn't much that makes me stand out honestly. I run my own server as well as play on several others. Im mature, creative, and enjoy making new friends.
  7. I don't see any info on how to apply to your server to be whitelisted. Id like to tho if I could. Thank you. Sorry read the post that said whitelisted but Ive logged in so apparently you aren't.
  8. I tried logging onto your TS in order to find out what the mudpack download address was but I received a message saying my connection was compromised and that a middle man attack was occurring and did I want to remain connected. Of course, I said no. So I now do not feel comfortable logging into your teamspeak. Where might I get the info I need for your server so that I can load the mudpack? Ive read and reread the post but don't see the api anywhere. I may be just missing it. Thanks for any help.
  9. Map has been reset and a fresh new shiney world to play on. I am taking applications for a handful of folks to come play. Sign up today and come join us!!!!
  10. Ign(In game name):zaenyea Age:49 Where are you from?:PA What do you like to build?:whatever motivates me at the time What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?:mine and build Why do you want to play on this server?looking for a stable server to enjoy Do you have Teamspeak?yes
  11. Ill add you on now and pm you with the server info. Give me a couple of mins
  12. At the moment with the holidays and all...pretty much not anyone around... maybe one here or there at a time but not many. You are stiill welcome to join and play if you like..just post here if you still want in and Ill PM you with the info and add you on.
  13. Slots are still open to play on the server. Fill out an application today :D
  14. IGN: Zaenyea Gender: Female Age: 48 Timezone/Location: Eastern US Have you had any previous bans?: no Tell us a little about about yourself!: I enjoy meeting new people, playing minecraft, and learning new things Have you read rules/banned items and will abide by them?: Most definitely.
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