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  1. Server has been closed
  2. Server is having an exceptional amount of lag as of 9/4 and beds/home points are not working properly
  3. IGN: Hamonous Age: 24 I would like to join your server to participate in a team build with someone. I have a lot of experience on my own server with custom modpacks and would like to join a server with other people to get some team play in. Im very experienced in all mods involved and am a good team player.
  4. I love your server, its my first time playing on 1.7 so it has a bunch of things im not used to. Browsed around a bit and look forward to seeing other people online playing
  5. Thank you Checked the chat log, Ban removed. On the note of teleportation, we strive for SMP without teleportation, many ways to fly/glide available via mods however, Also the Ender IO teleport staff thing
  6. PVE Survival Multiplayer server using the WoodsCraft modpack. Moderators Hamonous & RebeccaFett, Explore the world with the many machine mods, Magic Mods, and several other useful addons for Minecraft. Looking for self driven players to join us and adventure the dangers of Mo' Creatures, The Wyvern Lair, Twilight Forest, The Deep Dark, and even blast off into space with Galacticraft. We want to build a community here with trade and questlines/factions built using Custom NPCs and group builds. The server right now is Open but after a base of players is built we will be looking to whitelis
  7. Name: Hamonous Skype: Hamonous Age: 24 Skills: You name it Im generally a machine/tech guy but I am fluent in every mod in your pack and can help with any problems (Server crashes/troubleshooting included). I've hosted my own server/modpack for about a year. Am looking for some new players to interact with.
  8. Found the server crashing taint and have taken care of it. Back to mining
  9. Rule #4 was violated so the ban hammer came down. Sorry this didnt work out for you.
  10. Hokay so i came home today and the server was a little crashed. Working on stabilization be up asap! *UPDATE* Server is online and accepting players
  11. Sorry, had it off plugin side, not on my server console though, should be all set now!
  12. New post in the works, nothin to see here
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