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  1. join a fantasic adventure with 237 mods The 1.7.10 pack on this server is moddified. Link to the extra mods will be given when acepted to the server, The server is whitelisted server to prevent griefing and unnecessary harm to both the server and the community. To get your name on that list you'll need to fill in the application below. Link to the 1.7.10 pack (hope you finde som mods you like ) http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902 There is also a Teamspeak server for communication The server is hosted from creeperhost to ensure top quality and uptime. Our server has s
  2. Minecraft Username: _taylorswift13_ Age: Teenager Timezone: gmt +1 How man hours i can play per day: 2-3 hours, more on weekends
  3. My friend and I are looking for a group of people to play Test pack pleas ignore with. tppi is more fun to play with a group of people you can talk to, mess around with, and have fun with. So if you are interested is playing with us, then please submit an application. We prefer for you to have a mic, and act a mature. We really hope you meet the criteria we are searching for! We have our own mumble server. Ign: How long have you played minecraft: Where are you from?
  4. Small private tekkie classic server looking for players. the server has it own mumble server to voice chat. Filling this basic form and i will contact you trough the forum with ip and details. IGN: How long have you played minecraft/tekkit: Why you want to join the server:
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