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  1. strange or not, they're all interesting concepts, but assuming that the core mechanics of the quantum suit isn't changed, my idea is probably going to be the easiest to impliment. The idea of using up energy 1-1 I dislike, because honestly, the quantum suit can store masses while the person he is raiding may barely have any, so it's not balanced. if it's at a greater ratio, then I'm still not sure, with the draining, then the raided get a benefit of energy, which might be used to power traps. The quantum sword Idea, I have no idea why it isn't already in default IC2. And I'm not going to go into too much detail with DM/RM armour, yes, they're OP but they're usually banned on most servers regardless, leaving Quantum armour to dominate.
  2. maybe you're sticking it on the wrong face? try connecting it on the other sides.
  3. As we all know, quantum suit is the best armour in Technic/Tekkit. With your dozen mass fabricators being powered by your two hundred and fourteen HV solar arrays, you can pretty comfortably run around smacking less-armed players to oblivion while casually bathing in lava. It is incredibly OP, and for those who don't have the resources, they're pretty much defenceless... for now. I propose a new block, that when a redstone signal is applied to it, will slowly drain energy from any IC2 items within its vicinity. I say slowly, as that gives the quantum suitor to have some chance of noticing that their item's power is dissipating, and get the royal fuck out of there. the blocks themselves, will absorb energy based on whether it's a LV, MV or HV drainer, and would have an efficiency of, say, 70%. On the other end, have a block that can remotely charge your items and your quantum suitings. This I'm sure will balance out the workings of SMP, or maybe at least have some more shenanigans as far as adventure maps go.
  4. you know, it really would help if all the threads not only said the texture quality, but also the technic/tekkit version it is compatible with (and the % of completion if it's not finished). so far the only thread that has this is the Sphax 128x, and my laptop can barely run a 64x. There needs to be improved standards of thread naming imo.
  5. While 'Sphanx' is alright, it's just to high res for my laptop to deal with. What would be appreciated is if there was a 16x texture pack. I'm sure it exists since i've seen it in the backdrop for the launcher, but I can't find it anywhere.