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  1. If you download the latest Platform launcher, click the small gear icon below voltz, use manual build selection and scroll down to the bottom of the versions and you will find 1.1.2!
  2. it is correct. just make sure that the different side of the transformer is pointing in the direction of the reactor and the different side of the MFSU should be pointing away from the reactor. short: the two different sides should be pointing away from each other. my setup is: 5 Hv cable from the reactor too the HV-transformer (If i should make a mark 2 or above). 1 glass fiber between the HV-transformer and the MFSU. I got about 50 glass fibre cable going out of the MFSU and back to my house.
  3. yea i know. that will be my next project!
  4. Its 52 blocks. its along way but is it too long? Yes it was too far away. placed it closer and i am now getting power! Thanks for all the awesome help guys! :D
  5. As the moron that im considering myself as now i did put the MFSU in the wrong direction... However the problem still remains. no power. MFSU pics:
  6. nope its just the cable touching the reactor.
  7. Title: No power form my nuclear reactor (Pictures) Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 64 bit Java Version: 7 (1.7.0?) Description of Problem: I hooked up my new nuclear reactor to a "4x ins. HV Cable" im 100% sure that ive done every thing right (i did even go to a youtube video for assistance). I have tried a "Glass Fiber Cable" too. The server and client has been restarted so that isnt the problem. Some pics: Reactor + wire Reactor setup Wire EU messure Error Messages: N/A Error Log: N/A
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