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  1. You do not have to, it is generated automatically upon first startup. But in this case, it seems it is trying to read the mods from two separate versions of Minecraft. If you're using 1.6.4, you will need to get rid of the 1.7.10 folder so it will not duplicate, or vice versa.
  2. Happens to me, as well. I have people install and run the modpack every day, at least 30. Usually have 100+ for those categories on the weekends... I've looked at other modpacks, and their's display just fine. :/
  3. Edited the post to meet current specs. Join the server today! New map, new mod list!
  4. For the Apache Webserver configuration, I seem to be in a dilemma. :S I have a website hosted on the same server box. The Webserver's root directory is set to /var/www/, which reads the website. If I were to change the directory to /var/www/public/, it wouldn't load the webiste anymore. Is there possibly a way where I can have the Solder and the website coincide with each other?
  5. Nevermind...... Now it won't even last an hour before shutting down. Tried resetting the bukkit.yml file, nothing changed.
  6. Still runs out of memory. The uptime, however, lasts slightly longer.
  7. Tried using an older build of MCPC+ (mcpc-plus-1.5.2-R1.1-forge738-B645.jar), but it still didn't fix the problem.
  8. Using MCPC+ from here: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-Legacy/? Downloaded the latest successful artifact for 1.5.2. (mcpc-plus-1.5.2-R1.1-forge738-B646.jar)
  9. No, it doesn't spam the console. It's very abrupt. Never shows any signs of it until the server actually closes from it, then it shows the paste I showed above. I have been told to increase the permgen size through the launch.bat file. I have tried a couple of things but it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Lately, on my custom modpack, I have been having trouble on the server I made with memory. I am confused because we have 8GB's of ram dedicated to the server and ram usage levels stay below 50%. When it runs out of memory, it stops the server. Right before it runs out of memory, CPU usage fluctuates going above 50% then back down below 10% constantly. Here is the server log for the most recent crash: http://www.pastebucket.com/21657 This didn't happen until recently, and it happens sporadically. It tends to point to different mods, but when they are removed, it points at other mods instead. Before, it pointed it's finger at Artifice. I removed the mod, then it pointed at a different mod. Any idea why this is happening?
  11. Link to the modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/craftblock-xtreme.187369 Server IP is preentered into the modpack, but in case you lose it: nano.craftblock.me Rules: Be respectful to all players Be ethical Use common sense No griefing or stealing Do not exploit bugs/glitches Do not use X-ray or related hacks Do not ask for OP or ranks No advertising. No racism or vulgarity About us This server is part of a community known as Craftblock. Craftblock consists of a small group of other servers, this being one of them. This is the official Craftblock modded server. This server is up 24/7. If it's ever down it should be reported on the forums. (http://craftblock.me/forum) Our community consists of many various nationalities and languages. While most of our players speak English, anyone is allowed to join. The purpose of our servers is to promote building and/or creative thinking. We have many talented people on our server that can build amazing things. Don't let this stop you from joining, though, because we would love to see your building skills! Since this is a new server, a random build has been pasted in to represent spawn. In the meantime, spawn is being built on the current map. Players can join and explore the world, team up with friends, and build all kinds of machinery. Our server is more of a "modern" server (due to all the machines), but all forms of building are still wanted! For our grief prevention, we use GriefPrevention. This form of grief prevention is much more accurate and precise than many other plugins and allows large areas to be "claimed" and allows the owner of the claim to manage permissions in said claim for other users. Banned Items Placement & Ownership Banned: I-TNT: Blows up stuff. Dynamite: Bypasses grief protections. Sticky Dynamite: Bypasses grief protections. Steve's Stopwatch: Cheat item. Weather Orb: Cheat item. Plasma Launcher: Bypasses grief protections. Matter Cannon: Bypasses grief protections. Turtles: Bypasses grief protections. Usage Banned: Mining Laser: Bypasses grief protections. More about NanoBlock: http://craftblock.me/wiki/nano
  12. How would one do that for a server? I don't believe there are 1.3.13 server files released yet.
  13. Server IP: tekkit.craftblock.me:25585 Server rules: Be respectful, be ethical, use common sense, no griefing, no x-ray, no exploiting any bugs/glitches, report any hackers, no racism or homophobia, respect the privacy of other players, no multi-acc or account sharing, no advertising, no threateningother players, and respect staff! Disabled mods: Mystcraft & Dimensional Doors Banned items: Industrial TnT, Mining Laser, Sticky Dynamite. Plugins: Essentials, GriefPrevention, TekkitCustomizer, Votifier, CoreProtect, Vault, PermissionsEX, Towny. About us: CraftBlock is a Survival & Creative (Creative as in Creative Thinking) Server. We're a growing community looking for new players that just want to play Minecraft and have fun. There are tons of things you can do on our servers. Our Tekkit server goal is to make it fun, safe for building and legit. We have a Grief Prevention plugin and a few Essentials commands, like /tpa and /homes (multiple homes) and a new map for everyone to have fun on. If you don't feel like applying all the way up to get creative, you can donate for a head start! Up 24/7! Website: http://www.craftblock.me/
  14. That is the setup from McMyAdmin. It is the console for our server that reads how much RAM and CPU is being used per tick. Anyways it may be the current MCPC version that us conflicting, now that I think about it. The thing is, though, that it was perfectly fine about a week and a half ago. The only error that I am reading is a "Read timed out" error and a severe error "Connection timed out". I figured these errors were due to the plugins constantly checking for updates, so I disabled them but it didn't change anything. Thanks for responding by the way!
  15. Hey there. I am running a server on a dedicated host (McMyAdmin) with 5 gb of ram. We are running Tekkit Lite with MCPC+ (plugins listed below) and we are getting frequent crashes. Well, not really crashes. At some point while you are playing, console reads CPU usage at 0% and it becomes unresponsive to anything done in-game. After about 10-15 seconds, all users are lagged out. CPU stays at its current state for about 5-15 seconds and then it jumps back up to it's normal state. Console shows no errors whatsoever and I have disabled all the plugins and tested each one to see if it caused the crash, but nope. Any suggestions perhaps? Edit*- I have found that sometimes, not most of the time, when the server does this the Read Timed Out. Any idea how to fix this? I know it is probably network issues but that would mean it is the host. I will call them up. Plugins: Clearlag CommandSigns CoreProtect EndReset Essentials EssentialsChat EssentialsSpawn GriefPrevention Marriage MCMA_compat mcMMO Modifyworld Multiverse-Core Multiverse-Inventories OnTheClock PermissionsEx ProtocolLib Shortify Simply Sit TekkitCustomizer Vault WorldBorder WorldEdit WorldGuard If you would like to experience these issues for yourself, run Tekkit Lite (latest) with IP tekkit.craftblock.me:1337. Please respond soon!
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