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  1. issues with domain host are causing to not work just go ahead and use
  2. Loading a space station in Big Dig 1.3.9 Causes a Crash. i want my players to be able to still get to the moon so i dont want to Ban the rocket like other servers do. i need help finding a way to ither make space stations work, or to keep players from makeing one while still getting to the moon. i have read the natura causes the crash because it loads clouds. disableing natura did not fix the issue for me. and i see no option to disable space station in galacticrafts config.
  3. ip: or server rules: no cheating no excessive swearing All Griefing allowed outside spawn no spamming no advertising no begging Blocked Items -rejuvination explosive -LandMark -ChocoboSaddleBag -Obby TNT -Reusable Safari Net -MystCraft -ALL Logistic Pipes -Void Pipes -Rift Blade - Planter - Hopper -SoulCage Major Plugins: World Border - GroupManager - WorldGuard - WorldEdit - Trails - Essentials - Factions RamodoCraft is a 24/7 Factions PVP Minecraft Server featuring the Big-Dig Modpack from the Technic Launcher. Greifing and raiding are allowed outside spawn. Start a war or just make friends! This modpack adds tons of new features including missiles, bombs, electricity, force-fields, power armor, magics, chemical elements, rocket science, space flight and much more! These mods give you the tools you need to make a base, fortify it, expand, and have fun! 24/7 up-time! Come one come all, everyone is welcome to join us! its easy to get started so don't be discouraged if you cant get a team right away!
  4. Hey everyone we've just increased out player slots to 100 so come on in! There's plenty of room!
  5. quick update, our 20 player cap has moved up to 100
  6. Reached rank #11 on! not far from top 10
  7. will be having a 1st and 4th of July celebration, we will be giving everyone a fireworks trail to use so that every time they take a step a firework goes off!
  8. added mobcash now you get ingame cash for killing mobs!
  9. all antimatter dungeons have been found, new redmatter dungeons have been put out, have fun finding them!
  10. added multilanguage I request that only english is spoken in public chat all other languages will be able to use their own channels use /ml help to see commands
  11. Added a Shop - War Shop -- sells bombs, rockets, launchers, ect. --hamats - Misc Shop -- misc stuff --netheritems --ender pearls -Music Shop --music-duh Added a Tradeing Feature
  12. update: after i left the server alone for the night, with supposedly no changes. now i cannot enter the end it just sends me back to spawn