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  1. Name: Neill Age: 11 Country and Time Zone: USA est IGN: neillblue Note: i know i have to do paragraphs I'm just lazy on da weekends Tell us a bit about yourself and what your hobbies are: 1 paragraph: I enjoy playing video games a lot. I mainly play minecraft (duhh) and pokemanz (lulz). I mainly play modded minecraft. I don't go outside and play but im not fat lol. Mods you are proficient in: rather than a paragraph i'll just list them; ic2, thaumcraft, tinkers construct, and many, many more What year are you in: 2013 What classes do you have: robotics, mythology, and chineese (m
  2. MC name: neillblue Age: 10 (I am not an "annoying squeaker" like the kids who get trolled on youtube) Knowledge of voltz: Anything in the yogscast videos and more Timezone/ Country: EST US Why: I would like to play on a server where you won't be under attack every second you play I am willing to group with others I understand your views as I have been trolled once when I had no chance to stop it
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