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  1. know any good servers to play on mens?

    1. Mensrea


      Not really, I have been looking for some myself. Sadly, gregtech actually got worse and is now starting to bleed into IC2, so that mod is pretty much dead. I have been playing hexxit though, which is very good. Maybe try out a hexxit server?

  2. It sucks to see the server end like this. I'm sorry I wasent there to support the server when It needed support. It was a amazing experience to get to play with you all I hope we all get to meet again . This server had to be the must friendly and fun server I have played in my life. And I will never forget the people I met on here. Until next Time everyone. Good luck with all your futures may the best be with you all! Bye.
  3. dude this is awesome I was watching militia capp so much. Awesome mod. we should have all monsters at the dams though :D
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