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  1. I am hosting a private whitelisted server which I would love to share with the community. Only rules: No red matter explosives and no bombing spawn; breaking any of these rules will result in a perma ban. Must have teamspeak. If you have any friends list them in the template and they will be added to whitelist also. Ip: http://www.kittenwar.com/ Please reply with the following template filled out -Age: -Male or female: -Minecraft username(Case sensitive!): -Hours you can be on during the week/end: -If you have any friends joining, if so their usernames:
  2. Cadet I might be able to create a server for voltz. If u want u could be co-owner, I dont have to pay its all free. Please reply back if u would like to help
  3. Hey guys sorry im not on my little cousin broke my pc, im doing my best trying to buy the right parts. Ill try to be on in about 2 weeks
  4. owner, me and persian_person are trying to get a nuclear boiler but we cant cause there isnt any crafting recipe... could u by chance give one of us A nuclear boiler? IGN: tyguy2001
  5. Not Many people on tho tons of people are whitelisted :/
  6. Nvm I was just in wrong version nevermindI was in wrong version :)
  7. um cadetKeto, u did my user name wrong, im still not whitelisted. Change the T in Tyguy2001 to tyguy2001 PLEASE
  8. My In Game Name Is Tyguy2001 I Have Played Minecraft For Roughly 3 Years Now I Have Played Volts For About A Month Now (I'm Still Learning) Volts Skill Level: 4- I Know Much About The Main Mods Like Icbm And Atomic Science, I'm Still Learning About The Smaller Mods The Reason I Want To Join This Server Is Because I Have Been Playing Single Player Since I Got Volts And i Really Needed a Good Server To Play On. This Server Seemed Really Good...