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  1. Yet all this time that you have been dicking around, you could have found out all you needed, or actually learned enough on your own to at least ask a question that isn't half-assed and shitty, You post a question if; it isn't anywhere else i.e not on a wiki, or you find nothing with Google (Our almighty God). And if it IS on a wiki, but you feel you aren't quite getting what it is saying, you look to see if that mod has a discussion (thaumcraft does in its wiki), or FAQ to confer to, as there are many more who play that mod, than just those who use a modpack, and THEY are probably more knowledgeable on the subject. Then, and only then... Do you post a grammatically correct question with more than "i r cnt reed wikee so tull me hw stff werks" with a specific answer in mind such as "I have looked at the wiki, and am still not quite sure how the research system works, I understand that I get knowledge fragments of different types from different materials, but why am I getting the theory for Void Chests repeatedly?" And we, the forum-dwellers, would look on in awe at your use of punctuation and say "Well, if you have already gotten the discovery for it, than make sure you have read it before you research new theories in that branch." And if you, the currently ignorant munchkin with no avatar says, "But I did, why isn't it working correctly!?" We, the forum-dwellers, would say, "While we have not yet encountered your problem, try basic troubleshooting steps such as; clearing the cache, or backing up your worlds and re-downloading the Box" And if still you said, "I have done all you have asked oh mighty dwellers, I have done all that you have suggested and still to no avail! Even on new worlds I am able to repeat this tragic event with precision, no matter what I do!" Then we, the saddened forum-dwellers would say, "Alas my son, for we do not know, now take your question to a higher authority, and post your problem, in the correct format on the bug forum." And you, the one with the big, doe eyes would say, "Thank you oh wise ones for your assistance, I will do as you ask. May you all live long, and prosper." And with a disheartened sigh, we would part, two vessels a million miles away on a stormy sea.
  2. @blocker Yah, me too. But this person needs to learn how to internet. :P
  3. Alrighty, hadn't thought of that On the bright side, you get to see the Millenaire Parthenon!
  4. Know about the millenaire palace thing that appears in world gen that shows donors etc? Well I JUST now made a new world, and luckily spawned right next to it. Anyway I had no idea what it was at the time and walked around the building to the side with the door, I went inside and found a TON of items (Most of which I assume are from the new Thaumcraft) laying on the floor in the foyer, just chilling there. I realize that what with item despawning and the odds of spawning next to it being fairly low, it probably won't be an issue. The Items are as follows in no particular order,(I haven't played with Thaumcraft 2 at all yet, just updated Most of them are "Artifacts" from TC2 btw) 2 Darkened Crystal Eyes, 1 Ancient Stone Tablet, 1 inhuman skull, 3 distorted skulls, 2 ancient seals, 3 ancient pottery, 1 knotted spike, 1 worn statuette, 3 cracked wisp shells, 16 feathers, 8 roses, 8 torches, 23 planks, 8 wool, 1 wooden pickaxe, 2 red mushrooms, 7 thaumium ingots, 1 iron sword, 15 glass, 8 coal, ten string, 1 raw chcken, and 1 ancient weapon. Just wanted to inform you, and I am fairly certain I copied the seed correctly. Here it is, -334876721717377823 Thank you for your time. First post too XD MOD EDIT: Yeah it's pretty obvious this is your 1st post. Maybe you should have read the damn stickied threads before showing your complete lack of understanding.