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  1. Can you provide some sort of list how this compares to redpower frames? I'm mostly interested in the stick/non-stick features when flying close to solid objects. I'm also interested in moving single frame blocks or frame blocks attached to spawners etc. This is still possible? Because RP2 engines don't need to be in the structure, you can build all kinds of nifty gadgets like this folding door: While opening: And opened: Those rows of RP2 frame blocks are all independent and they're moved with stationary frame engines. This is still possible with your new system?
  2. Yeah, i feel your pain. Just try to fine tune your system so that extra items won't be left behind.
  3. If you need to take in more stuff than your crafting table can handle, either upgrade your crafting table to one which has storage in it or use chest with satellite pipe right next to the crafting table. Assign an id to the satellite pipe, assign the same id to the crafting pipe satellite id section and then - still in the crafting pipe - relocate all overflowing items to the satellite. Grasping all the nuances in logistics pipes efficiency does take some time. Crafting pipes on furnaces or macerators is not something i'd recommend. They're always too slow even with 8 overclockers and you end up in jams. Maybe a better option would be to automatically macerate and cook all the metals in separate network and then deliver them to your main network. I have something like this up in my album: http://imgur.com/a/GRVxI
  4. Same version, same problem. I run it on a 32bit windows XP (and 32bit java). I'm able to log in if i delete the lastlogin file and start the launcher. If i leave the file, it says "could not connect to minecraft.net" every time. -- temotodochi MOD EDIT: Don't do that.
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