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  1. Is there a way to change the difficulty for only the ops on servers? example....I can play on normal/hard and everyone else can play on peacefull...
  2. big dig i think has them all
  3. dont forget a chunk loader or the whole thing wont work in the overworld
  4. i was looking through my "tools" area in creative mode and i found a Builder Hammer, and a Teleport staff...anyone know what there used for? Mind you i just installed Mo Creatures
  5. not my local ip, my internal ip changed
  6. Thanks for the help guys, come to find out somehow my computers ip address got changed. weird....all working now. thanks again.
  7. i had the 1.0.5 server working fine with local ip, everyone could connect. now that i have updated to 1.0.6 i can only connect to my home network ip, not local ip. everything is port forwarded, any help with this problem? It says server can not be reached on local ip.
  8. where can i find a update log for technic launcher, was just wondering what is being updated everytime the launcher updates.
  9. whats the best way of moving items from a quarry to a conveyor belt, without having to flip a switch on an ejector?
  10. I have came across a bug or a weird lag on tekkit.... I have built my base got everything situated and started digging with the powersuit gauntlet....and my house exploded..rebuilt it tried it again same process, and it exploded again. Anyone come across problem?
  11. It wasnt the point of me not trying it....i did. i had the power hooked up to the wrong side. simple mistake, but you dont have to "BASH STUPID PEOPLE" for asking a question...its all trial and error man come on.
  12. Some people are not ready for change....honestly the more i play the new tekkit, i like it. it takes some getting used to from older tekkit, but hell its a video game....This is minecraft design your own game and quit bitchin. Props CanVox
  13. thanks robin....some people i guess just have to be rude to answer a question.
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