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  1. cTx_XeNon Havn't played tekkit in a while and dont like to play alone I like the great adventure when you mine how you find all the ores then take the ores to make machinery.
  2. Age: 14 IGN (cTx_XeNon) Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I have been looking for a Tekkit server for a while and honestly most of them suck and this one seems amazing. I also would like to make new friends and get to know more people on Minecraft/Tekkit. I have never been in trouble for griefing. What Do you want to Build? I was hoping to build a giant base underground sort of like a secret military base. I would like to add a launch silo in it for a rocket so I can fly. Then next to that underground I was hoping to build a giant factory to supply my rockets. Like always thank you for taking your time to read this it means a lot.
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