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  1. My friends and I are looking for a good tppi server to join. The one we're on now lags too much. If I'm accepted most likely the other 4 guys I play with will join also. My IGN is dpierres and I'm 32. My friends are... llamadoh nocarrot untgrad qgonn I understand if you need to have them post a reply. We are all very experienced with Tekkit and find it way too easy to "win". We're looking for a stable home to play tppi. Thanks.
  2. IGN- dpierres I also sometimes use another character by the name of Private_Pilot but I understand if you don't want to whitelist both of them... - I just recently shut down a tekkit community I was running due to a decline in funding. - I enjoy playing and helping others learn. I would say ME networks are my favorite aspect of the game. - I have a lot of experience with plugins and running them on an MCPC based server. So if there's any questions about configuring something i'd be happy to give input. - I've always been attracted to smaller servers and like the idea of being
  3. Hopefully this answers your question. It is MASSIVE. You better have a good machine or get ready for some lag. I highly recommend not spawning one of these if it's on a server. I would estimate the base to be about 20x20.
  4. We have a great player base administered by our team of competent Sever Admins. We pride ourselves on growing with input from our members and look forward to seeing you in our world. Visit us at Five Guys Gaming. We are looking for mature players to join our community. There is no whitelist on this server. Sever InfoIP- hexxit.fiveguysgaming.comNo WhitelistUSA- West CoastSurvival PVP. Griefing is allowedRuns 24/7 Teamspeak ServerIP- ts3.fiveguysgaming.com RulesNo Spawn CampingDo not hack/use x-raysNo harrasing, derogatory remarks, name calling... Be matureBe respectful to other players an
  5. I have been using this setup since 1.2.8e Buildcraft pipes may be a bit dated but they still work just fine for what I need and are very efficient for my quarry system. Since there's doubt, I've made a video demonstrating my setup using Gold Transport Pipes with quarries and a Tesseract. http://youtu.be/zIzSFAk5ODo
  6. What world(s) are your teaseracts in? Can you post pictures of your layout and teaseract settings? What is the receiving tesseract connected to?
  7. That's incorrect. Tesseracts will work with buildcraft pipes. I set up a 4 quarry system using 1 Tesseract 2 gold transport pipes and 2 redstone conduits all the time. This is a top down view. QPQ CTC QPQ Q=Quarry C=Redstone Energy Conduit P=Gold transport pipe T=Tesseract Works like a charm. I'd recommend the gold pipes for speed though.
  8. Make sure the chunk that contains the receiving tesseract is loaded (chunkloader,dimensional anchor). If not, the sending tesseract won't connect to the other, causing the problem you have.
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