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  1. Cant find the topic to put this under But when i updated minecraft ultimate expansion mod all tools even up to diamond has 2 hits and they get destoryed, i dont know if it is designed to do that but it kinda annoying that you go all the way to get diamonds and just to find out its got the same durabilty as the rest of the vanilla tools, ive tried the other pickaxes in it and they all work fine so i dunno if it is just the vanilla tools or etc
  2. Thanks bud, its was the java , its downloading the now, thanks again mate
  3. I cant seem to get the attack of the b-team or that to installed anymore keeps coming up with failed to download etc, can someone please tell me why this is happening
  4. Hi guys, has anyone been having problems with big dig crashing and becoming not responding, its been happening wtih me since the latest update
  5. Seems like my big dig keeps freezing at building terrain
  6. Ever since the server rolled back, it seems that the hobbylist engine wont transfer Mjs though wooden and golden conductive pipes anymore, just builds up at the wooden and thats it
  7. me and configs does not go well, its like gasoline and fire, dont put them togther lol
  8. can confim that this server has no lag at all, maybe some wee bits but apart from that none
  9. Could i be able to join you on the server, ive been an admin on two servers
  10. When is bigdig getting updated keep getting all the text saying this version available etc , its quite annoying lol
  11. Never mind, Just found out and ive been told, just testing some ic2 stuff and im noticed you cant craft solar panels in the crafting panel , when u got the right amount of materials and you arrange them in the crafting table , the generator item dosent come up, i dont know if thats a bug or something
  12. Hi guys, just posting a problem, has anyone else having problem with the enchant table, in mines, its not coming up with the names of the enchant but instead it comes up on the weapon/tool as slot IV or slot III etc