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  1. Bop's Application Ingame Name: bopsu Reason of joining: Well i've been looking for a great server for a while now and this looks interesting. Im also an magician but many servers do have EE disabled but this doesn't Experience: MC 2 years Tekkit 1 year Age:13 Favorite mod: Definetly EE & RP Tuikku's Application Ingame Name: Tuikutin Reason of joining: Because im gonna play with Bop and this server looks good Experience: MC: 1 Year! Tekkit: I havent played tekkit that much but Bop is gonna teach me =) (I hope that isn't a problem) Age: 13 Favorite mod: EE & RP
  2. IGN: bopsu Reason for wanting to join: Well ive been looking for a good server and this really look interesting. Im also a magician and many servers has magic banned but this doesn't Experience: Minecraft: 2 years Tekkit: 1 year Magic or Science: Im more experienced in science but i really enjoy magic too! So i like both
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