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  1. 1. What is your age and IGN?: My Age is 13 and my IGN is Herr8. 2. Have you ever been banned, and if yes, why?: Yes, I have been banned. I don't know the Reasons anymore. 3. Do you have a Microphone and can use teamspeak to communicate with other members? I do have an Microphone and Teamspeak to communicate to other Members of this Communitx 4. How long have you been playing Minecrafty. About 3 Years. 5. tell us something fun or interesting about yourself?: I like playing modded. 6. What unique skills or mod knowlege do you have that can help benefit the amazing environme
  2. Well uh, I'm not whitelisted, I think you saved me in as "Herr8." my sign is simply "Herr8" . Without a dot ;P
  3. IGN) My Ingame Name is Herr8. Age) I'm currently 13 years old. Location) I live in Germany. How long have you been playing Minecraft) Pretty Long. Can't tell the exact time. What keeps you playing Minecraft?) The Community, they keep creating things which makes me play more, for instance, mods. Or Minigames, plain vanilla is pretty boring, but the Community made Minecraft what it is today.
  4. Hey,defender do you like Mekanism or do you think It should be deleted? Amaxter pleaaaase >.< This looks like a really nice Modpack!!!
  5. Hip! Hey long time no see. Well I got some Questions and an Suggestion. 1. Why am I no Mod anymore? Probably because the inactivity but yeah. 2. When are u going to Update the Modpack? And the Suggestion is if u can add the Morphing Mod when you update to 1.6.4.
  6. Ok. I can't connect to ANY Server who I could connect BEFORE. I'm on a MAC. Some things simply don't work on that.I mean Mekanism is corrupt anyway,why do you need it then still? Just prevents me from getting in <.<
  7. Uhm I don't think that u get it <.< It's Mekanism,I can't connect to ANY Server.
  8. Hard to explain Tbh. Put mods out,tried like about 30 at time,when I could connect to the Server,I KNEW it wasnt one of these mods. And I did that untill I couldn't connect to the Server anymore,so I putted the mods out I recently added in and tried it out 10 mods per and yeah Mekanism was the last one that didn't let me connect to the Server.
  9. Amaxter,I'm THAT sure because I tried putting all Mods out and in again,tried to log on and If It worked it said : "Logging in..." On the Server. That's basicly how I'm pretty sure.
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