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  1. Server Ip : Server Rules 1. Stealing is Allowed 2. Do use common sense 3. Killing people and Griefing others is encouraged. 4. No Complaining about how someone killed you we dont care. 5. Thats it. About The Server Server is Public The modpack Takes A long time to Load up Because of all the Mods.... Duh. If you are having a hard time scroll down to Trouble shooting. We are using biosphere overworld This is a hardcore Anarchy Server ( Means do what you want) All about The aspect of pvp, Raiding And Base defense. The Mobs are hard. The nights Are pitch black and you cant see AT ALL! The weather has tornadoes and meteors. So build weather deflector and meteor shield or get smashed. Their are Lots of Guns and tanks. Use them if you are having a hard time! The server is 24/7. The Modpack is the New Age Anarchy (pvp) Balanced. Commands We have /Home /Back /Air bending /tpa /home set Also For player shops Use forestry Trade Stations! Server Theme ‚ÄčHardcore Magic,Technology,sky-world Type Server. Trouble Shooting 1. If the modpack Says not responding WAIT a while longer. It most likely is. 2. If it still does not run Check your java You must have 64-bit java to play 3. Ram is needed for this modpack open technic launcher options and increase ram to about 3 or more. If it does not allow you to Add ram You have wrong version of java. 4. If you get in and the game is not running smooth adjust your opti-fine settings. 5. If you hit play and nothing happens,Wait Still if nothing happens try again,Still nothing happens check your java version and how much ram you are giving it. All Other problems post on modpack page
  2. Hey server been banned for crashing the server. It has to do with the item tracker. And pvp protection in spawn. My brother daniel_talth can help you fix this issue. we would like to help you test and fix this bug. The item is a great item and would like to help you make it compatible. Skype name is foulblade1. Awesome server!