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  1. # Fixed Config, useing; equals("true")); { # Possibly fix for the error on AlchTpFix # New download link; http://www.bedcraft.eu/download/BedCraftSTD.jar
  2. I suggest you to ban the tank cart, ive been trying but the cart does not send events at all. Till ive got a Mod patch, keep the tank cart banned. Its an useless item trough.
  3. My fix always work. When you move or get TP the chest will get closed.
  4. It blocks ALL right clicks of EE tools. "[sTD] Right click with this item has been disabled becouse of massive griefing."
  5. Issue fixed, ive done the 'TileAlchChest cannot be resolved to a type' in a new jar. Download V1.1
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