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  1. SERVER IS NOW BACK UP! We had some chunk problems, but now everything is fixed.
  2. I´ve just been informed that server is offline, because someone crashed the server throwing ender pearls somewhere they shouldn´t and it crashed the server The person who did it couldn´t explain very well. So danni is probably trying to fix that.
  3. Yeah, I love the server, just give it a day maybe, try logging in tomorrow. If it doesn t work, you can contact him on his youtube channel: DanniFreakz.
  4. nobody knows, we are still waiting for danni to answer our questions, I hope the server doesn t close like last time. I also hope that the server is offline because danni (the owner) is updating it to improve lag.
  5. so what setup do you use? Mine only generates 340 Eu per tick.
  6. I feel so stupid right now... My rocket was finally ready to go to space, but I was hungry and ended up right clicking the rocket, so it went to space without me. Is there anyway to get my rocket back?