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  1. First of all you cant even hack in hexxit. Unless you are a tech nerd that creates hacks. Second of all, There was a door there ask xeno. And second of all there were no DDoS Threats dude. I recorded right after I got banned and there was no hacks, I would be glad to show the the footage. Oh and fyi there was a door there heres proof:
  2. Are you guys high? This server is a joke seriously. And saying that your going to make it global? First of all, You didnt warn me ONCE! Second of all How was I hacking? You might be wondering, Why do I care if im banned? Well you are going to fucking make it global. So yeah, Unrightfully banned just for speaking out my mind. Because one of your admins came to my base in gm 1 and spawned a bunch of skeletons that attacked me, And blamed me for coming outside when I was clearly already outside. People these days local 4651821 kouragous admin disrespect, warned 3 times. hacking, and complaining. 2013-08-01 5:57:55 pm
  3. I made my own skin..... Kind of sucks though..... EDIT: Made a better pic