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  1. The server log timeframe does not correspond to the other log you originally posted. If a client gets disconnected for (insert reason here) it typically will not show on the SERVER log why the client lost conn. Check your client modpack directory for a crash log from that; it may be more informative. I am also not seeing any critical errors on your server log from your second post. the error from the french properties thing doesn't look to be severe enough to crash the server but I am by no means an expert. :)
  2. I do not believe that level logging is built into a basic minecraft server. I do know that there are plugins out there that do log such information but I would imagine that the load on the server could become problematic if you have more than a couple people playing. Weigh this decision carefully and you may be able to control this better by limiting your playerbase if something like this is necessary.
  3. I have been running a hexxit server for awhile with 5-7 people and only allocating 1gb of memory. How certain are you that the problems you are seeing are a memory issue? What are the symptoms you are experiencing?
  4. This. ALL OF THIS! I am a fan of the new tekkit pack and while I am still reeling over the loss of my diamond drill, I am sure that I will find an appropriate replacement. I will never find a replacement for that giant powderkeg of doom sitting in my basement. *suddenly recounts the number of times he came back to a hole on the ground where his house stood* VI
  5. I had errors when i tried to update to the new version as well. If you haven't done so already, wipe out (and back up) your WHOLE technicpack folder and reinstall. That resolved it for me.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I will run some tests of my own tonight. VI
  7. Hey all, New server owner here so please bare with me... I am wondering what the symptoms are of a lack of server memory. I have players reporting that they are unable to open doors and break blocks and getting kicked out of the server randomly. I run a small server with a fairly limited amt of ram. I am aware that tekkit is quite the memory hog but i wanted to check with the experienced peeps before i just upped the ram allocation. Thanks, VI edit: laptop keyboard, forgive poor spelling. lol
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