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  1. The return of starwars Official server Welcome to a 24/7 public server with 90+ mods and have starwars as ground. Fight different starwars mobs and even become 1 of them. Use a rocket and go up to space, moon and even mars. With friendly and funny staff. A server that as in search for some players that are kind of active but we understand you can't play all the time. The modpack have a lot of dungeons, mobs, blocks and items. You can see the full modlist on the technicpack side. I hope i can see you on the server and i hope you will have fun. If you like it, feel free to tell you friends and of course play on it Pics will be implanted in the future may the force be with you IP:play.mcserversuccess.com:25572 Technicpack: http://www.technicpa...ar-wars.196543 Officialsite: http://thereturnofstarwars.tk/