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  1. Username: L0fT33 What is my experience with Tekkit?: Quite a bit, I know almost everything about it, I've been playing Tekkit for about 6 months but I've been playing Minecraft since before the Beta even came out. Have you ever been banned from a server? If so please Explain: No I have never been banned from any server. What do you plan on doing here at techluminal tekkit?: I plan on starting a new minecraft adventure with other people, Seeing as how I'm tired of playing tekkit alone, I would like to play with other people now.
  2. Ingame Name: L0fT33 Reason Of joining: I'm sick of playing Tekkit Classic by myself, I love playing Minecraft with others and I would like to play tekkit with others. Experience: I've been playing since Minecraft 1.2.5 so a few years. Age: 16 Favourite Mod: Mystcraft.
  3. Hi there, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to apply here on the website or on the technicpack thread, but I would love to join your Tekkit Classic server so here's my aplication. IGN: L0fT33 Age: 16 Reason for Applying: I absolutely love playing Minecraft, especially with tekkit classic, and now that I've gotten bored of playing single player with nobody else, I would like to join a decent server that won't just have noobs running around making life difficult for everybody, I have had a lot of experience with minecraft, With and without mods, I have been playing since just before minec
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