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  1. hi i have selected you to help build the map to my server details will be given shortly i have just been busy with work to set up my computer sever to allow people to connect besides local host

    1. zaldara


      alright. let me know the info and I'll help when I can

  2. GN: Zaldara Age:29 Position your applying for: Builder Years played: cant remember lol Skills: Have built many servers, including my current server Previous Mod experience: Owner of current server and 1 before I was deployed (If any) Reason why you should be picked: Here to help anything you want me to know: I like helping start up servers (optional)
  3. Everyone that has recently applied for membership via /register has been approved. Come on down and enjoy your stay
  4. In Game Name: Zaldara Location: Texas Age: 28 Ban History: None Tekkit Experience: Ran my own tekkit server in the past Goals on the server: Build a large scale organized castle city
  5. Thank you for your post. I will get back with you once I have spoken with my co-owner
  6. Looking for a few builders for my new Voltz server. Must be 16 or older to apply. Age: IGN: Voltz knowledge: People skills: Time zone: Other info:
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