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  1. also, I found out what was up with buildcraft, the stone/iron/gold/diamond gears all had block ID mismatches that hadn't been previously detected.
  2. I'm already running the server on a separate computer, but I hadn't thought of removing the client side mods. Thnx, I'll give it a try.
  3. I made a custom modpack, and am looking to start a private server. however, after setting it up via hamachi, it was running really slowly. I did a lot of messing around, lowering rendering distance, that sort of stuff, but to little avail. it has now crossed my mind that perhaps there is something wrong with the way that I have my mods done. the modpack work almost perfectly on single-player (the only problem that I have is that the buildcraft icon is just a pink block. I have no idea why, Ill probably look into it. later.) and I have ran hamachi servers before using tekkit lite. do I need to use different mods when running it on a server? or perhaps I just need to use different jar/coremods (such as forge)? I'm guessing that this is a very stupid question, no matter what the answer is, but I seriously have no idea. thnx.
  4. have you tried to download the mod itself (and player API) to test it? also, what do the crash reports say?
  5. lol. Ok, I am officially an idiot. it says right on the server link. Thnx anyway though.
  6. ok, I know you've gotten a lot of these, and its kinda getting annoying, but what build is the server using?
  7. starting a new faction, currently have 2 people in it. lemme know in-game if you want to join (gamer tag raschwolf) or PM me. note that we are just starting out ourselves, so you wont have immediate access to a ton of awesome new ordnance, but on the flip-side there is no entry requirements, beyond a basic willingness to help out and work as a team. see ya there.