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  1. Hey, Noburst! This is Euth with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at and our website at!

  2. IGN: noburst Age: 16 Why Horizon?: Well, I'm looking for a hexxit server to settle down on, and i've played on your Tekkit 1.5 server and I know how stable your servers are (compared to most other hexxit servers ) What will you accomplish?: I just want to raid some dungeons, kill bad guys and make some new friends
  3. Name: noburst IRL Name: Tyler Age: 16 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): I would rather wander on my own through the ruined world and conquer a small part of it for myself. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes, I am quite handy with both. Recomendations: I saw it on the server list Other things I should know: I live in Vancouver, Canada. My timezone is Pacific Standard Time. I am quite good with tekkit classic, however I am familiar with tekkit lite. I really like the concept of your server and I am quite excited to hear a reply.
  4. I think the server is great, however i wish it didn't cost money to tp everywhere
  5. IGN noburst Age 16 Hello, my name is noburst (not my real name) and I have a good amount of experience with tekkit. I wish to join your server because it sounds like the kind of tekkit server i like to play on. I like to build underground factories that collect and store large amounts of lava (i don't know why) i also like to use computer craft to make robots to do my bidding *evil cackle*. I have been looking forward to finding a server where i can build a decent factory. I think this server seems alright. I look forward to a reply and hopefully being allowed into the server. Thank you for reading