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  1. also i think it has NEI, (not enough items), not too many items...
  2. it's FORGE, but other then that i assume it's a very helpful guide. (haven't read all of it yet, FORAGE was bothering me.)
  3. Do you mean the modded stuff or the actual building? (which one you are bad at) because if you are good at modded stuff then i'm good at building. from the sounds of it you are bad at both, so... Edit: so you need a bunch of empty houses in a city-like pattern?
  4. i would help somebody with a build if they need help, but i really only know what i consider to be the "bare basics", but if you need help with the actuall building part i have some also not very good (but better than some, i've seen) furniture making skills and building buildings skills.
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