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  1. Since the latest update, I've been having an issue when I try to run any modpack. The launcher loads up perfectly well, but whenever I hit play the modpack fails to load, resulting in the following error. Of course, I initially assumed that I could fix it by changing the java args, but that didn't work. If anyone's run into this before or knows how to fix it, I'd really appreciate the help.
  2. Erm... Well, I've honestly just been keeping the illuminati thing for jokes. I know that it is, and has been gone for months. I'm not certain about that second thing. I've never encountered it before, and I have been creating and playing with technic modpacks for a couple years now. I'll mess around with installing some other third party packs and see how it goes. If the problem persists with other packs, I'll look into my security settings.
  3. Here you go. http://pastebin.com/gCiGV0gU
  4. For some reason the launcher is failing to recognize a modpack that I've made. It will set up the files and add it to my launcher screen, but will not actually unzip the ZIP. Console output is in the attached image. Honestly, I don't know what most of it means, but it does say something about access being denied. As far as I know, I did everything right; modpack is zipped up with the correct file format and (I think) modpack.jar, copy.com link ends in ?download=1 and should be public. Here's that link, by the way. https://copy.com/B4fPXUcLMbUknm37 If anyone has any idea as to why it's failing, I'd appreciate the help.
  5. At the moment I'm working on a futuristic-apocalyptic modpack, and I'm frankly not sure what to use as my tech mod base. In this day and age, RF is the most common and built upon electricity system, so there's no denying that Thermal Expansion and a supplement of addon/compatible mods would provide the best selection of high tech gizmos. However, the modpack I'm working on is built around a story, and the story has a base in science rather than magic. Unfortunately, TE and RF in general is a whole 'lotta bologna when it comes to scientific background. IC2, while out of the loop with other mods, is very much more science oriented; featuring joules of electricity, carbon fiber powersuits, and semi real power sources. It would just fit the theme more than TE does. So, my question is this; is it wiser to use RF based tech mods for the sake of variety or IC2(and whatever mods are still compatible) for realistic basis?
  6. So, I was working on a private modpack today, and just as things started to work, this happened. When I tried to launch the modpack it said. "Error downloading file for the following pack: (name here) Failed to download: (link to zip dropbox file here) please consult modpack author" Naturally, I looked at the link. it seems to me that the link is from the correct place in dropbox (share->rightclick download->copy link address), but technic doesn't seem to think so. Also, when I tried to re paste it, it said You must provide a valid link to your custom zip. I don't know whether it's with technic, the link, or just user error on my part, but I need some help!
  7. The reason most people don't go this way is because it ends up looking like you threw a few mods together and called it a pack, without putting any thought into it. This can become especially problematic when you get to the premissions stage simply because most modders are more likely to approve if the modpack is actually coherent, rather than just a "pile" of your favorite mods.
  8. I'm sure if you just look around you can find one.
  9. Maybe this can help.
  10. Is there any way for me(with no programming experience) to host more than 3 modpacks on the technic launcher without use of solder(or alts)? And if not, is there any easy way for a non-programmer like myself to get started with solder and not go brain-dead? Any help is appreciated!
  11. I may know what your problem is. What mods are in your pack?
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