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  1. Hey Guys, im looking for some(1-3) people to play with. im 16 years old and would like to create a new world in tekkit lite... my time zone is GMT+1. if u are interrested let me know
  2. IGN: Syplex Age: 16 Country: Austria Tekkit Experience: Well i got some experience with some of the mods but mostly played them in the ftb modpack, but now im willing to try a new one Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: Because i like playing on servers with a small group of people, without all the griefing stuff.
  3. Hi, i´m 15 years old, live in europe (GTM+1) and my first language is german, but my english is ok i think. I want to play with up to two people and start a new world. would be glad, if someone was able to host the server, because my internet isn´t the best. wanna join me? my skype name is Mr.Steve
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