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  1. personally, i would like to see resonant induction, mekanism, agriculture, and yes, thaumcraft.
  2. in the acheivements screen there is an acheivement named "acheivement.pigbossonearth" anyone know how to get it?
  3. What mod cause the hay statues with creature spawners to generate?
  4. Still, it seems a bit weird to have the parts in the pack, but no planes
  5. Ive been having the same problem, just copy paste the level.dat_old file from another world into the folder and it should work fine.
  6. so i had the crash that deletes the level.dat_old file, hiding it, except it happen in the nether, can anyone offer a fix?
  7. It worked, but it happened again, i fixed the same way though, any way i can stop it from happening?
  8. I hit 'r' to see how pulverized coal was made, and my world crashed.
  9. For some reason, my world wont shown up in the world select screen, i have the world file, but i cant play it, this is the second time this has happened and im losing my patience.can anyone help me?
  10. Nope, my hearts are visible, i think it might be a problem with the sync mod, ill try suicide.
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