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  1. In-game name: massdestruction9 Age:17 Time spent playing modded Minecraft:three to four years Reason I want to join: TO HAVE FUN!!!!!
  2. IGN: massdestrioction9 AGE: 17 Experience with Tekkit: yes played it a lot How long you have been playing:3-4 years Why would you be a good addition to the server: get to space and just have fun with friends and have fun on the sever
  3. In-Game Name massdestruction9 Age and Global Location? 17 Wisconsin Have you ever been banned before? no Why do you play SMP? Its fun, and meeting new people You know this is a member application right? yes i do How long have you been playing Minecraft? one maybe two How did you find us? a friend Grog_da_man. What's your favorite color? Blue. Will you please make an account on our Website? sure. Anything else you want to add? no not right now.
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