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  1. I wrote all of that yesterday on a separate post, post got banned and the only place I could copy it from gave me this. Sorry
  2. Warcraft: Hi Guys, I'm looking for a band of around 10+ people to join me in a possible white list server. I hope there will be war on the server, factions, teams whatever. You can make your own country/city with your faction. (Desert people/Northern) During war, anything is allowed. Countries can form alliances. You can get citizenship for another country if agreed with both countries. Spawn is protected. Red Matter banned. Rejuv banned (not for me) Anything I deem to be dangerous in good time. 24/7 Server! Peace treaties can be called (eg, give me 5 diamonds for peace) War can be
  3. Team Name: Team Trojan Name: TheCraftenator If more than one member, Names: Just me atm Why should you join?: I love voltz and i'm a dedicated player (with a server of my own) Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?: Yes, That's ok
  4. Hi, I am pleased to announce the birth of a new server - WarCraft. We hope it is to be a server where players fight players (war) hence the name. IP: Host: TheCraftenator
  5. Ok, think it is working now, What I did: 1) Deleted everything to do with Technic Library > Application Support > Technic 2) Re downloaded launcher 3) Then it told me I had the wrong version of java, so I downgraded to 6 http://java.com/en/download/help/mac_uninstall_java.xml 4) Redownload Voltz/Tekkit whatever
  6. also, I was using it for about an hour, came back on about 2 hours later and it didn't load
  7. Hi, I have been trying to get onto technic launcher (voltz specifically) and all I get is a logo (technic launcher).. I'm using Mac and he beta launcher (the modern one) A quick reply would be appreciated as i'm trying to run my server! Thanks in advance!!
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