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  1. Dont worry not off topic at all, all bteam issues hah. Im not sure how mcadmin works unfortunatly. I have upgraded to MCPC without a map reset, but had to do one later on because of other issues. you can always upgrade it to mcpc and backup the map, if it works great, if not just restore the backup and switch back to default
  2. Ok there should be 2 jar files in the bteam folder you need to run the bteam jar not the other one. It appears you are running the other one? You need to run it with a batch file like so: java -Xmx12G -Xms8G -jar bteam.jar nogui pause Then of course change the “-Xmx12G -Xms8G” to the correct ram size and it should run, if not I’m working on creating a video on how to setup a bteam server with mcpc and essentials.
  3. Download the 1.6.4 files from here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/essentials/files/
  4. I am using MCPC which includes bukkit, spigot, and forge. so it works fine. What is the error that you are getting when trying to run B-team?
  5. you need to reset your b team pack, click on the little gear (sprocket) on the icon of the pack and click reset pack
  6. I AM UPDATING THE MAIN ARTICLE TO SHOW SOME NEW FIXES I HAVE FOUND!!! also I use remote toolkit (https://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-remotetoolkit-r10-a15-restarts-crash-detection-auto-saves-remote-console-1-7-2.674/) I love that thing
  7. I am not sure why that is happening, they do seem to be protected on the test server i just created running TE3.0.0.2 and mcpc. I am unsure why you are having the issue. I would check to make sure that your Greif prevention is completely updated.
  8. *************UPDATE************* not that ppl are on the moon. Galacticraft is erroring out which is fixed in a newer version of galacticraft........ So im getting a huge crash loop and yah we will see what happens.......
  9. UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ every time i get the tick error, the servers Bandwidth goes to nothing and the disk usage goes to MAX. It must be trying to save something, not sure what or why but it’s trying to save.
  10. ok yes it still up and running with no real problems, coreprotect has an issue when some kind of chest is opened, but who cares. and i still once everyyyy 20 min get the tick error and it causes seconds of lag but then is working fine, so so far we are running pretty well.
  11. Yah i got to the point and said F*** it and did a map reset on mcpc 231, bteam 1.0.5, and seems to run MUCH better, MUCH better. still some minor lag but its ppl spawning the world so we will see within the next 24 hours so far NO errors on console!! (with minions removed and dubstep gun banned)
  12. OK this is now getting sad. technic released this modpack and its SUPER BUGGY, they really shouldnt have released it, at least they are getting better at releasing updates. but its starting to piss me off....
  13. what you do is the launch.bat will say bteam.jar. put the mcpc jar in the folder wher the bteam.jar is. and change the launch.bat to say mcpc.jar or what ever the jar u downloaded is instead of bteam.jar
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