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  1. Minecraft In-Game name: mrdefend98Age: 23What country do you live in: the NetherlandsDo you have/use Skype: yes/I don't use itDo you have/use Teamspeak: noWill you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube:NoDo you enjoy building or just playing: Both but mostly buildingAcceptance of server rules: offcourse
  2. In-Game Name:mrdefend98 Age:16 Tekkit Experience: much i know the most Why us?:i was looking for a whitelisted server to make some nice stuff
  3. IGN:mrdefend98 Age:16 Country:netherlands Tekkit Experience:very much played tekkit tekkit lite is still a bit new for me. Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:i would like to play a nice server and i think this is the one!
  4. Username:mrdefend98 Age:16 Why Tekkitopia? I would like to play the new tekkit version, With some people that dont grief, play nice and build good stuff. So this server seems like the one for me. Your secret code:10mrd
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