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  1. Hello! My friend recently upgraded to the new launcher, and now it won't respond to any text or mouse input! For this reason, he can't manually put my modpack (which can't be downloaded on the new launcher) into the Vanilla modpack and run it that way. Does anyone know a fix for this? I do not have good access to the specs, but I am pretty sure that he is running mac 10.7.10 and has 4 gigabytes of ram. Like me, he is using java 1.6.0 64 bit, and most likely can't update it, since I can't either. However, he may be able to update, since his os is newer then mine. All help is vary much appreciated!
  2. Hello! This is a super-friendly Hamachi server! It is free of server plugins, so I can't accuratelly give a Pv_. It uses the Super-Blue Modpack, which has many technology and building mods. I also plan to add more transport mods, though I am a little tired of fixing version and block id issues. Please come! I will allow gamemode changes and item spawning! Now only if I could enable the cammand globally...... I sure wish someone could tell me how.......... and back to the topic, trusted people will be allowed /tp. But how do I do that, also........ I plan to find out through answers outside this post. I plan on using this server to record YouTube videos, under the channel 27. I also plan on having a group of people like in The Yogscast in another YouTube channel. Also, if im online, and the servers online (don's expact good uptime on a laptop!), im probably recording, so you can be starstruck, even though I only have one subscriber at this time of updating. Anyway, thanks for viewing! Hamichi Network ID: Hs27 Tip on ID: think HappySmash27 Ip:
  3. When will you come online? Also, I set up a mail box by my house. I really want to work on power systems.
  4. How about these Computercraft peripheral mods: MiscPeripherals, Held's Peripherals(needs permission), Immibis's Peripherals, and OpenCCSensors. Anyway, it would be really cool to have a server with that. Also, Mekanism and Electric Expansion would be useful for being environmentally friendly and Fluid Mechanics would be useful for having a water transport substitute for Buildcraft. I hope you like my ideas for some intrusting mods! It would certainly be an awesome addition to Flans Mod, adding in sliding cards for password doors and talking turtles! Edit: joining now. Another edit: Fluid Mechanics would also be useful for Railcraft. Edit 3: Lol. You didnt mention all the mods, so I said some you already have. Lol. Edit 4: you should add the Modular Power suit expansion that is in Tekkit Main. Edit 5012(Jk. Edit 5.): try the civil vehicles pack, and these mods. I must say, it will add a whole lot to the game. Edit 7: the civil vehicles pack download is here. Edit 6: Hmm..... the server is currently offline. Is the pack updating? Edit 8: thare is also a database error on http://sheepdimensions.com.Edit 9: I forgot to say that.
  5. Hello. I am looking for a partner, and also some players on my lets play server. Thare are no age requierments, and no recording requirements, either, but are prefered. For now the official server page will be here until Super-Blue beta comes out. It is also the series recruitment page, and has the ip and modpack.
  6. Oh. I can also edit you're video and audio together, if you're on a mac like me.
  7. Hello. I'm making a lets play with an upgraded Tekkit that's on a small server. It has a village nearby, and I am currently looking for a partner. I cant hold vary many people for now, but an upgrade is coming soon! We have some cc peripherals for programers out there, and I am learning how to mod. Also, thare may be ICBM in the modpack. server ip: modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/super-blue-150-pack.60922/ Please comment if you want to join, so I can turn the server on at the right time. note: the server may not be on all the time, but will upgrade to beta soon. note2: server is on my macbook for now, but will upgrade to beta soon. note3: server is public
  8. What about for people on old macs???? They don't sopport java 7. And I cant afford a computer that new! And even if I manage to be a registered apple developer, some programs dont run on the new opperating system. Do I have to install a vertual linux machine????
  9. anyone know how to reverse that software update? And someone please comment besides me...... well..... comment more.
  10. Update: I was on Dynamic Map on my faverite tekkit lite server, and someone with a mac wasnt haveing problems. For me, im pritty sure it stopped working right after I updated java. Therefor, I think java is the problem. Also, tekkit lite has flickering lights for me....... all the way.
  11. I actully thoght someth I actully thoght something vary similer........ I was thinking point 0 may have bean flipped; On computers it should be on top and in math it is on bottem..... Ive always noticed that java seemed to have it on bottem...... also, function+f11 just makes all the windows clear out. So that dosn't help much........ Tekkit Lite has a bunch of static, so that wont work either. And my life is pritty much based on minecraft, so someone REALLY needs to fix this. And i reapeat: REALLY REALLY REALLY this needs fixing.
  12. Yes. I was thinking something similer. I thought point 0 might have changed; in computers its on bottom and in math on top. Ive noticed for a while that java seemed to have it on bottom........... Also, function+f11 just does this window separating thing for me........... So it's pritty in-practicle.....
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