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  1. So can me and my freind get mod were good builders do you want a link to are facebook app??
  2. Add me on skype starshatters or come on the server i need to talk to you and my freind about getting the mod postions we can make a better spawn and this is are Facebook app if you wanna see are building https://www.facebook.com/pages/Turbos-Minecraft-Pics/222087894528077

  3. Can me and my freind have mod on the sevrer were really good and were good builders and mature and my skype is Starshatters
  4. Whys the server down and can i have mod my ign is master5o and my skype is starshatters if you wanna talk
  5. 1. Age:21 2. Email:[email protected] 3. Location:Michigan 4. Skype Info:StarShatters 5. Time of day you mostly play:All Day :P
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