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  1. Me and my friend (who ha sno time right now to apply) would like to join, we share this application quite well and it applies to us both as we have similar experience. 1- In-game Name : Starz0rz and Swellzong 2- Experience in Minecraft : Sporadical play, not too much experience 3- Experience in Tekkit : I have played a bit of it, seen some of the stuff possible but never mastered anything. Swellzong has little experience. 4- What you wish to see in the server : Friendly people, a 'safe' environment to get used to Tekkit and build stuff. 5- Have you read the rules? : Yup 6- Do you have skype? - Yes : Starz0rz and Swellzong 7- What is the secret word? ; maniumox
  2. I am looking for a server for me and my friend, we have the same (minimal) minecraft experience and are just looking to have some fun on a friendly tekkit server. Minecraft Name: Starz0rz and Swellzong Age: 20 and 22 Country: Netherlands and Denmark Why do you want to join: Looking for a tekkit server, after we found Feed the Beast to be too difficult for our minimal minecraft experience. We fail on joining private hosted servers. If you got banned (MCBANS), explain your bans: Neither has been banned.
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