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  1. Here's a re-creation of what they are using plus some of the mods suggested in the comments: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/yogcraft-147-yogscast-pack.156638
  2. Don't smelt ore blocks; make an Applied Energistics Grind Stone and Wooden Crank. Just 3 quartz dust, 3 stone/smelted-cobble, 2 cobble, and 4+5 sticks for double ores. Don't abuse the crank with the grind stone empty; I've had it break, losing a few sticks.
  3. Joker2040


    F11 just stretches the window to fill the screen. You have to select Full Screen Mode within Hexxit/Minecraft. Options/Video Settings.../Fullscreen: OFF.
  4. Try full screen. I've heard it works. How to Fix Your Technic Launcher (crash bug + upsidedown screen bug) on Mac OSX
  5. You set it to Adventure Mode, rather than Survival or Creative?
  6. Make all mobs infernal and make the tougher versions rarer.
  7. From Hexxit wikia: What causes chunk errors? Rapid approach to a portal?
  8. <user>/AppData/Roaming/.technic/hexxit/Chocolate I'd move the Chocolate folder and see if it gets replaced. Or its contents.
  9. <FTB launcher folder>/<FTB modpack folder>/minecraft/config/TinkersWorkshop.txt
  10. I think there are bushes that grow Essence, similar to the berry bushes or the ore berry bushes.
  11. Blocks from Secret Rooms cause this. This is terrible. You think to build a secret room for your best stuff, and it gets destroyed, because you hid it in a secret room.
  12. Image search for Not Enough Items, find the Options screen. Hide/Show: O Press the O key.
  13. Yep, it's bugged. I throw them into cacti to keep them from accidentally being used. It's safer than lava.
  14. Joker2040

    Black haze

    "Yes." If you want a challenge you can try making Rift Remover(s) and see if you can kill them faster than they spread. Minor Operator mode: In config/DimDoors.cfg change B:"Enable Rift Spread"=true to =false, and maybe B:"Enable Endermen Spawning from Rifts"=true to =false, at least during the removal. Then use the Rift Remover(s). (I don't know if Rift Removers are reusable or not.) config/DimDoors.cfg is located in your server folder or in Windows <user>/AppData/Roaming/.technic/hexxit/.
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