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  1. The base that I made with my friend Adam is coming along nicely. We have gotten to the point where we can make it look good instead of just performing well. Loving the overall feel of our new base.
  2. First off let me say that I have played Minecraft and modded Minecraft from the beginning of it all so I have a LOT of experience in mods/minecraft. With that being said I love how this server has moved over to tekkit main and how small the ban list is. I have already made it to end game and started over just because this server is so amazing. The community is buzzing and fun to be in. The staff is amazing at everything they do. The gameplay and how helpful every player (even none staff members) are is just incredible. I love playing and streaming this server on a day in day out basis. Come check it out and give it a try. We will welcome you with open arms and invite you into our Absolution family. Hope to see you their and game on!
  3. There are so many things great about this server that I can't put it all in one post but I will try! ;P The spawn is gorgeous and has easy to follow rules/info There is a miner world and the possibility to buy your own Mystcraft age Speaking of buying things. The donation store has so many great deals in it and it is always being expanded The community is amazing The staff is really in tuned with the community and is keen on helping players with problems or projects. The forums are updated and tended to daily. The server has no lag whatsoever. The banned item list is so small you barely notice the things that you can't use. There is an option of a Teamspeak server (only an optional) There are player owned shops and an Admin Shoppe that has base prices (You can set your own prices at whatever you want in your own shop) for items. These are only a few reasons why I love this server! Come join today and help grow this thriving server. I hope to see you soon!
  4. IGN: TmrsFinest Age: 17 Why do you want to join: I havn't really found anyone with this mod pack for a server. I want to meet some awesome people, have fun, and build big awesome automated things. Have you watched any Forgecraft videos: Yes, all of Direwolf20's, SotMeads, and Pahimar's Lets mod series. I also watch Soaryn, slow, tahg, and morv stream. Have you been banned: Nope If so why: N/A Additional info(Optional) I am very knowledgeable of all the mods and will be able to help anyone who needed it. I have Teamspeak 3 and Skype.
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