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  1. Team Name: Quicksters Name: Quickster306 If more than one member, Names: Why should you join?: I want to join because its my fist time playing Voltz and I want to have a good experience. Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?:Yes and I don't mind one bit.
  2. Hello and welcome to the server! IP:, and do you know a way to get a free one?
  3. Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce I have made an Unofficial FC2 Fan server! The server runs off of a custom modpack that can be found here The server is hosted by me and should be close to 24/7 uptime. The jar IS MCPC + and plugins can be added by request from players. The spawn is a flat area that players can edit to their choice. Youtubers/streamers ARE welcome on the server. Basically the server has all the mods currently on Forgecraft 2, Forgecraft 2 is a server that mod devs use to test their mods. So in the long run it will always be a future modpack. The server uses whitelist and we are accepting staff. This server was formed around the thought that players should be able to have fun while playing and i though it would be cool to have them see future mods ------------------------- Whitelist application! ------------------------- IGN: Age: Why do you want to join: Have you watched any Forgecraft videos: Have you been banned: If so why: Additional info(Optional) ------------------------ The IP is Give me at least 1-3 days to get to your applications Hope to see you all soon!! :)
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