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  1. I'd like to have a friend join me on the server. IGN: Alexzanety Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: Norway Why? I asked him to join because I am getting rather bored alone since I have pretty much completed tekkit now. Past exp: Mostly solo play and some local servers.
  2. Hey guys, I would love for claims being able to have on the moon. Someone has stolen my 64k drive on the moon that had saplings in it It is a vital part of my bio-fuel generation there. On another note I have got a death-threath in my mail from evilloker. I wonder why he got un-banned and I think that is a mistake, as he is rather toxic.
  3. Ah, this was kind of sad. I lost roughly 2.5 mill cobblestone (12, 64x64 quarrys had dug down from ca 89 to 39) The materials get automatecly pulverized and 15k coal 13k iron ingots 740 clay (those were calculated from statistics) I do not have the statistics on tekkit materials I would guess it is roughly as much copper and tin as iron, three k or so lead, a few hundred ferrous (this in ores) a k quartz and 1500 quartz dust. I had also made four 64k storage units that are gone now. I lost about 12k saplings as well. Edit: 15 magmatics, dimentional door, powesuit boots with most upgrades, and stuffz... can I just get op or smtn? refounding stuff this way is rather tedious :)
  4. another 20 magmatic engines, 40 conduites, 2 quarrys, diamond pipe, 6 stone pipe, ender chest, two energy tesseract, energy cell was lost when you chose to reset the server. now I have lost a grand total of: 59 magmatic engines 80 conduites 5 quarrys 5 dimentional anchors 4 tesseracts 2 energy cells 2 diamond pipes 1 void pipe 2 gold pipes 6 stone pipes (in the post above I said 6 but it was 4, and 2 now)
  5. So, the server crashed again. This time I lost: 33 magmatic engines, 40 conduites, 2 quarrys, void pipe, diamond pipe, 6 stone pipe, ender chest (mirrored to one in my base), 2 energy tesseraqts, a energy cell and a dimentional anchor. That was not counting the earlyer lost: 6 magmatic engines, 3 dimentional anchors and quarry
  6. I never stole from you, your base is in the over-world and protected. You trusted a part of it to me, and I only took what agreed upon. you accessed the world from a claimed territory and made that book. You were griefing my liquiducts as well as the others you mentioned. You did not place any of the engines in the world. Tough, that matters not as the server rollbacked 6 of the 13 engines. The tesserack you gave me in exchange for using my power station. I have not changed the frequency that it sends power at. UKG made those redstone conduits, liquiducts and the tesseract. You are not helping the stereotype of the american people. Now, go troll another forum.
  7. With all the recent instability I have lost aproxemently: 1 quarry 6 magamatic engines 3 dimentional anchors _________ Now, on another note havoc has accessed my pump station trough a book in my claim, he stole this book and then went to my pump station and sabotaged it. I have asked him many times to stop, and he keeps acting like a kid. He has wrecked quite a bit of my pump station now, and refuses to relinquish link books he has made, and my book to the age. I would much appreciate it if we could just get rid of this nuisance.
  8. Minecraft IGN: RagatokkAge: 20 Gender: Male Location: Norway Why do you want to play on T4?: A friend of mine plays here (Mystic Armor) Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: Very limited, mostly played single player and on shared lan / hamachi with friends. With the recent experience of Tekkit it would be one of my first introductions to modded. I do however have roughly a few months on vanilla experience