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  1. okay good to know. Is there a website for this server? (also was I whitelisted?)
  2. 1. What is your minecraft name? Champ4now 2. Do you agree to the rules, stated above? Absolutely 3. Do you have any questions, not listed in the 'Questions and Answers?' yes 4. If so, state them here:is the server still .4 or is it at the latest build? how good is the anti griefing measures? 5. Do you have any bans on record? nope (I've banned people before on an old role-play server before it died though ) 6. If so, why? 7. Why are you interested in SilliHex? Yes I want to finally join a server that doesn't have pvp 8. Have you played on any other Hexxit servers? not really every other one I join I usually get spawn camped Edit: does this server have a website?
  3. Card (I don't know if Creed just has them but I don't see how one guy can hold that much stuff but) I seem to be missing a lot of coal(a huge # of coal) , iron (blocks) and about 170 gold BLOCKS from our ME system and about 30 electronic circuits so could ya ask creed or try and find were all that material has gone (was it possible to access an me system before logblock?) and were did our dragon egg go? also you need to update a spawn sign with the new enchant rule
  4. Card the next time ya get on I need to claim a house for me and CREED56 and some nearby land for a future quarry (or just set something up that will let me claim a region myself)
  5. I shall join this server (P.S. If I ever need just 1 more item to make something and I don't have enough of that item left Ill usually see if I cant "borrow" one from someone so don't get mad if someone is missing a diamond or a emerald)
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