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  1. New forums don't disapoint.
  2. A new system for generating sprawling nether features quickly, tested out on superflat world.
  3. More preview, I'm convinced Feed the Beast had a good idea, so I'm shamelessly stealing it:
  4. So, I've started serious work on making a new version of Void Born now that most of the core technic mods have updated and 6.1 Dev Build is starting to shape up. So here is a sneak peak at the new spawn location, ignore the ground I'm just building every major location in a separate flat mode map and merging it into one map at the last moment. Don't worry, excruciating version will still give you your classic 1 block spawning place and puzzle just to find out how to start. On the topic of invisible blocks, sorry, I have no idea what causes this or how to fix it, your best bet is to go to the bug forums. This is generally true for other bugs too unless its very specifically related to this map you have a much better shot at getting it fixed in the right place instead of this thread.
  5. no, the block id's don't line up and its missing thaumcraft and in the current setup thaumcraft is required. I'm working on another setup for the future and and maybe that'll be more portable, no promises.
  6. Appears you are right. My mistake. Feel free to spawn some. I'm planning on updating this map when technic switches to the next minecraft release, possibly earlier if that is going to take very long, I'll make sure to sort out any problems with unaccesible blocks and add a few additional things to find and explore.
  7. Re: Is Technic Launcher Lost? But wait, if you put technic into the search bar on technickpack.net the second result it gives you is also the page with the download. Maybe i'm just a computer savant but it doesn't look very hidden to me.
  8. Re: Is Technic Launcher Lost? There is a black bar, they are know as tool bars. You can see it has such items as home, fan art, faq, forums, technic 6 ( HINT ), tekkit 2 and thanks. And then you click the thing you want to go to. And then you get to a page that tells you how do download it and install it and what mods it includes. This all seems pretty straightforward to me.
  9. Re: Is Technic Launcher Lost? http://www.technicpack.net/technic6/ man that was hard to find, had to click a link and everything.
  10. No, looks like I forgot to put in any of those, sorry. I'll fix that later, feel free to use NEI to fix that oversight.
  11. You managed to ignore that large inviting hint that is a prebuilt nethergate ?
  12. Updated OP, added a more hardcore version of the map, added some rules and challenges. Those are not final or complete, probably.
  13. Yeah, this map isn't about jumping through 15 hoops and solving complex puzzles, just use your head and look around, in fact most of the stuff in the chests you can find is just there as a bonus, so you can skip some more tedious slow initial steps.
  14. Yeah, this is a bit of a spoiler but should get people who are stuck started.
  15. The technic launcher keeps its files in the same location as where minecraft keeps them. In windows this will be: %appdata%\.techniclauncher\technicssp As you can see its layed out like .minecraft normally is worlds are in saves, textures in textures, mods in mods, etc. I can't help you for mac or 'nix, just find where .minecraft is and .techniclauncher should be there too.
  16. The technic launcher keeps its files in the same location as where minecraft keeps them. In windows this will be: %appdata%\.techniclauncher\technicssp As you can see its layed out like .minecraft normally is worlds are in saves, textures in textures, mods in mods, etc. I can't help you for mac or 'nix, just find where .minecraft is and .techniclauncher should be there too.
  17. Void Born is outdated, it supposed to run on a technic 6, it may or may not work or break horribly if you try to play this with a current build of technic. As such expect no help getting it to run. Void Born will probably get a new version in the future but its going to take at least a week for me to take care of other crap before I even start. Explore Build Magic Technology Absolutely no ground Silly little french villagers Tons and tons of goodies in chests I always enjoyed skyblock and variations on it. But for technic you need to adjust skyblock a little otherwise you can't use its varying amounts of additional things, the best way to do that was EE. Changes in EE have made a classical just a few blocks floating in the middle of nowhere approach to skyblock with EE a little awkward. So, voidborn. You start off with a little more space then a regular skyblock. There are 4 villages prebuilt to be found floating in the world and some chests hidden around with all the items you need to build whatever you want to make. I planned to include more in Voidborn but since the team decided Technic was ready for launch today is go time. I hope you like it. Download - 14 MB Mediafire Dropbox Alternate Version: Excruciating - Void Born Made harder by removing virtually all "bonus" stuff from chests and only keeping things you will need to teach your transmutation tablet. Additionally made you spawn on a 1x1 island. Documentation below does not apply to this version. Mediafire Dropbox Installation Install it ".techniclauncher\technicssp\saves" like you would a normal minecraft map. You can find where .techniclauncher is located by going to %appdata% just like minecraft, it should be listed directly below .minecraft on most systems. Rules and Challenges If you like some direction in what to do or enjoy a challenge you can follow these. Pastie of rules.
  18. that all depends, lets wait for EE SMP to actually be out so they can look at it. then it can be judged.
  19. Short Landmark Tutorial Putting redstone torches next to them make them emit a blue beam that indicates their maximum coverable area. This does nothign but that, its only an indication. Additionally the beams are a bit broken in multiplayer so if you can't see them try relogging. Next up. to actually connect the Landmarks you rightclick them. Best choice for that is the centre one if you have more then two. Again on multiplayer its a bit buggy and I suggest removing the torches and relogging before you try it. If it doesn't work, relog and try again. It'll take eventually.
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